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We Make Videos!

DunFurFun gathers teams together to have a camera person on each member of a band, getting the most coverage of live shows in music and other events.  Plan, shoot, edit, and deliver!


Originals written, developed, and finalized by DunFurFun Productions.

The Van - updated laurals 5-18-2022.jpg

Working toward demo reels of client work and corporate projects.  Most of those things we can't exactly share.

Commercial Set

Originally written music videos by DunFurFun Productions!

Wayefar shoot set

A DunFurFun Productions origional series in the efforts to help artists of all mediums, explorations of history, and paranormal investigations!

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Unknown tecnical difficulty box

How do I make this box go away?  The challenges of making your own site.  We work on a personal indie film level, with attainable prices.  We are the do-it-yourselfers!  Enterepenewers who love helping other entrepreneurs!

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